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Tandem-transformer K-90
Solo Comfort-bike K-90
Class - Comfort. Back is straight, hands are not loaded.
It is possible to lean by legs about ground when you loss of an equilibrium.
Frame is low,pedaling - forward-down.
Riding is more comfortable and safe, than by a traditional bicycle.


A new bicycle-transformer K-90 class Comfort is made from titanium. We can transform it to 2- or 1-seat bicycle.
Such bicycles are excellent transport for active rest and tourism and means for rehabilitation after traumas and illnesses.
At the exhibition Archimedes-2002 (Moscow) the Comfort - bike is awarded with a silver medal.
Many years I collect information about tandem-bikes and their enthusiasts.
I has made some bicycles of nontraditional design,
has worked with manufacturers.
It is especially actual the Comfort design for tandem-bike.
The use of Comfort-bicycle is more cofortable and safe than traditional bike.
Write me please, if you have information on this theme!

: K-90 means the height of a saddle above ground
is 90 % of a leg length .

Comfort class Trasformer-bike.
The frame is made from titanium and consists of 3 sections.
The tandem we obtaine connecting 3 sections.
Solo-bike we obtain connecting head and back sections.
Wheels - 20" and 24-26", Shimano components.
Front luggage installed on head tube of a frame (weight up to 15kg).
Speeds 3х8 or 3х7, wide saddles.
Gabarit length: Solo - 177cm, tandem - 222cm
Weight........... Solo - 13 kg, tandem - 21kg
It is possible to enter with the tandem into a lift of a vertical position.
It is rather conveniently to put the vertical tandem in a room or in a carriage
( it rests on a wheel and back part of a frame).
For transportation in a car it can be disassambled and packed into
dimensions 150х25х70(см).
# Nearest analog of Solo-bike K-90 is
the Dutch Comfort - bicycle Tavara:
From steel, weight 19kg, price 1070-1370 euro (www.vanraam.nl)

# Traditional Tandems:
Steel: ... .... weight of 24-26 kg, price $500 - 1500.
Light alloys: weight of 19-21 kg, price $2000-7000.

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