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Patent 2155692 09.2000 Russia

The Comfort Bike is awarded the medal Archmedes2002
on V International Salon of Indastrial property, Moscow
Dr. Vladimir Lyakhov, Russia, Moscow,
ph/f +7(495)305 7187
+7 926 532 7174
Crimea,Sevastopol -  2002

_____________________________________ COMFORT BIKE-Transformer
_The basic difference of the bicycle is that the seat is located lower (about 10 %), than usually. For keeping convenient pedaling (when the leg is well straightened) the pedal unit is shifted a little forward. At such position the effort on the pedal is directed forward-downwards; therefore a seat back is required for support. Now, on such a bicycle, it is possible reliably to lean by legs about the ground, remaining on the seat. It leads to large differences in the use of a bicycle, namely: it is possible to restore the lost balance during the move. That increases considerably convenience and safety of riding. _The presence of a back adds an unexpected opportunity: it is possible to press strongly on pedals without rocking the bicycle. That opportunity is important on a slippery road or at the start on a tandem when we must move directly without initial zig-zags. On such a bicycle the man sits directly, his back is not bent, and it is possible to use a seat with a larger surface, that avoids harmful pressure on perineum, as it occurs on a narrow bike saddle. And the low frame allows easily and quickly to come off a bicycle in an emergency.

Ancient town  Khersones _I have called such a bicycle Comfort bike or Friendly bike.

For whom and for what this bicycle is intended (1- or 2-seat)?
- for inexperienced and awkward bicyclists (from 8 to 80 years old);
- for experienced bicyclists on a difficult road, when it is slippery, sand, narrow twisting road etc.;
- for family leisure, tourism and entertainment of guests;
- for hire and tourism in boarding houses and clubs of health;
- for rehabilitation after traumas and illnesses;
- for firms in advertising, presentation and leisure.
- this configuration of a bicycle is especially important for a 2-wheel 2-seat tandem on any road, as it is more difficult to ride tandem and, especially, to start. It is possible to say the same about a cargo-type 2-wheel bicycle (for example, a post one).

_The bicycle can be made as a transformer: to make a 1-seat bicycle to a 2-seat tandem.
_Using of titanium allows to reduce the weight of a tandem, to make it durable, strong and beautiful. And the design as a transformer or a folding tandem considerably simplifies transportation and storage. The special elasticity of titanium makes riding such tandem very comfortable.
The titanium comfort-tandem is a rebirth of a tandem at a new level!

I offer: _______) To make an individual order for you or to make an original gift to somebody;
____________________b) Cooperation in manufacturing such bicycles.

_  1. About stability of a bicycle. A surprising creation of a man a 2-wheel bicycle - by nature is unstable in rest. And, it seems, unsuitable for riding.
_However at acceleration of the man a bicycle gradually gets stability, which at slowing down decreases and can be lost. The transition to steady riding occurs differently - successfully or unsuccessfully - with different bicyclists.
_This process is especially difficult, and sometimes dangerous, if you begin to move on a 2-seat tandem bike. In this case the "captain" should keep balance, having a big cargo the second bicyclist, who is heavy and rocks. The danger grows fast, if cars move along or you ride on a difficult road with obstacles.
  2. A little of history. A 2-seat tandem bike on two wheels was made at the same time, when a bicycle was designed in modern configuration - about 100 years ago. It is obvious, that the interest to a tandem exists during all history of a bicycle. However a relative awkwardness of the tandem - weight and dimensions, the difficulties of control and maneuvering - did not allow to use it as widely, as a 1-seat bicycle. The new technologies and materials have allowed to reduce the weight and to improve control of a bicycle, and a tandem in particular. The tandem became popular.
  The bicycle sport stimulates production . Competitions on tandems have resulted in perfection of design and substantial growth of speed in races. Thus a contradiction has appeared: lightness and simplicity of design in comparison with large kinetic energy of weight of two bicyclists at large speed. In such situation it is difficult to control a tandem and keep stability, using the facilities of the bicycle. Therefore competitions on tandems on a highway have been forbidden, having left them only on equipped tracks. In the last years a tandem has almost been removed from production and is not offered either to sportsmen, or to ordinary bikers.

_ Conclusion: the tandem bicycle is not intended for extreme speeds.
3. New tandem. For many years I have been designing and practicing bicycles. I have made various 2 or 3-wheel (with an arrangement of wheels in one track) 2-seat tandems and I use them in tourist and family trips. The simple everyday reasons have forced me to change configuration of a traditional tandem to improve control it and to make more safe using. The new configuration has appeared more convenient and attractive also for a 1-seat bicycle. Now, on such bicycle, any man can reliably restore balance even in an unstable phase of movement. The bicycle does not try "to drop" the bicyclist at maneuvers at low speed or on a difficult road.
  Besides a more convenient seat is arranged. In the opinion of experts and doctors, the seat on a usual bicycle is harmful to the bent backbone of the man, and the narrow part of the bike saddle presses on the organs of perineum. The backbone should be straight, and it is necessary to sit on a wide surface (as on a chair), thus it is desirable to have a cavity under the perineum. I know, that sportsmen will not agree with me they have another aim - race and records according the rules of cycling federations. Unfortunately, the man seldom thinks and cares of the correct use of his body, frequently harming it. And the manufacturers, dealers and sport businessmen do not care of it, who, however, dictates a cycling fashion by mass advertising.
  Small changes made in a usual 2-wheel bicycle, result significant increase of safety and convenience in usage. Especially during its natural instability: at the start or slow down for a stop, and also on a difficult road, when the speed is small and it is necessary to maneuver. And, as already mentioned above, it is especially urgent for a tandem-bike!

______________________ Publications of the author about the friendly bicycle

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_____________ The Comfort-bike received positive conclusions from
) Russian State Academy of physical culture - ;
b) All-Russia Research Institute of Tourism and Travel
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